Lennox® Garage Heaters

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With a Lennox® garage heater in Laurel, Maryland, from H&C Heating and Cooling, you can quit leaving a warm house and entering a chilly car during the wintertime.

Garage heaters also help put an end to frigid launches, keeping your automobile operating smoothly year-round.

Plus you could use your shop for those projects you’d only perform when it’s summer. And keep a dependable area for furry friends during freezing weather.

Our heaters are available in differing sizes and capacities to satisfy your requests. Chat with heating and cooling professionals today at 301-960-3247 and we’ll help you find the right version for your house.

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4 Advantages of Heating Your Shop

Lennox garage heater

Putting in your new unit is a snap since the equipment is all in one piece and wired. And all the models we carry are manufactured with a low-profile cabinet to provide additional overhead storage and adjustability.

Here are additional benefits of heating up your garage or workspace during the winter months:

  1. Keeps your automobile warm during nasty weather.
  2. Heats hard-to-heat additional spaces or guest rooms atop your workspace.
  3. Gives a toasty spot for your shop throughout the year.
  4. Provides a warm area for animals and vegetation, regardless of the climate.

Have difficult-to-heat spots where dust, filth or humidity is a problem? Speak to us about including a separate combustion unit.

We’ll Help You Determine the Right Garage Heater

Buying a garage heater provides you the opportunity to work on your activities year-round. Or increase your comfort on frigid mornings.

We can help you identify the right heater for your room and budget. Contact us at 301-960-3247 or contact us online to get started now.

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